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The Declaration of
Internet Independence

Keeping the Internet “free and open” means defending its independence. That’s what has enabled trillions of dollars of economic growth and the creation of all the apps and services we enjoy in our daily lives.

Internet independence means:

The Internet is the greatest free-market success story in history. What began as a government-funded research project took off only when private entrepreneurs were freed to invest and innovate. And that happened only because of the “Hands off the Net!” approach begun by the Clinton Administration.

After two decades of success, however, the FCC recently adopted heavy-handed regulations to govern the Internet, also known as “Title II.” These rules “put regulators and lawyers, not innovators and engineers, in charge of the online world,” warns FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai.

No one should be dependent on a monopoly broadband provider. But the greatest threat to Internet independence is government: Around the world, governments seek greater control — from outright censorship and shut-downs, to micromanaging what can and can’t be done online.

Internet independence brought us unprecedented prosperity and freedom, but we can’t trust the FCC to write the next chapter.